Exchange program the Netherlands

Aangeboden uitwisselingsprojecten vanuit Nederland

CIF the Netherlands has organized over thirty Exchange Programs in the past 33 years and has hosted more than hundred participants from thirty two countries. The program is organized in close co-operation with the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, School of Social Work, minor International Development Work.

The general goal is to promote professional, cultural and educational exchange for professionals working in the field of Social Work/Human Services. The program combines practical and theoretical information about the social and cultural environment of the Netherlands. Cross-cultural exchange is a crucial part of the program, therefore in the selection process, preference is given to invite participants from different countries. In this way opportunities are provided for professional development, sharing with and learning from each other as well as broadening professional and personal horizons.

The program has a duration of two full weeks.


The first week offers a ‘general program’ for all participants, organized in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, minor International Development Work. This period provides:
– a theoretical framework to understand the social, economic and cultural trends prevalent in the Netherlands with a historical perspective
– building group cohesiveness, tolerance and understanding.

Every participant presents work methods and intervention strategies, as well as the socio-economic situation and cultural trends of her/his own country. This facilitates cultural exchange, cross-cultural training, and sharing of ideas and skills.

A specific theme might be chosen to deepen knowledge and understanding of that theme and facilitate exchange with students, studying that subject. Participants don’t have to work in the subject of the theme, but are asked to link their professional experience in their country to the subject and deliver a presentation to the students and other interested parties.

Agency Placements and Host Family Living

The second week offers an “individual program” organized by CIF Netherlands’ coordinators focusing on the specific field of work, chosen by the participant. agency visits in different parts of the country are organized. During this week, participants live with host families, which offers a unique insight in Dutch culture and daily life.


The working language is English which the participant has to master sufficiently to be able to participate and gain fully..

Number of participants

CIF The Netherlands will select 4-8 participants. In case applications are received for the same kind of work related experience / professional background these participants will be placed together to maximize the opportunity to learn from the visits to the agencies as well as from each other.

Financial conditions

The participant’s fee is € 395. The fees are used to cover the costs related to the organization of the program. The fee covers accommodation during the whole period: apartment living for the group of participants together in the first week; host family living during the individual program in the second week. Please note that no grants can be provided. Travel costs to and from the country and in the Netherlands, as well as visa and insurance are the responsibility of the participant.

International Professional Exchange Program 2024

In 2024 CIF Netherlands will organize an IPEP. The details have not yet been determined.

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