CIF 60 years


Come and celebrate 60 years CIF from Friday July 3 till Sunday July 5 2020 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands!

In 2020 CIF International exists 60 years. Time to celebrate! That’s why the CIF branch of The Netherlands decided to organise a symposium for all interested CIF members to celebrate this anniversary together, to enjoy and of course also to learn a bit.

CIF’s anniversary coincides with the remembrance of 75 years of freedom after the Second World War. Rotterdam suffered extremely by extensive bombing at the start of the war, which caused the Dutch government to surrender. After the war, Rotterdam started the rebuilding and healing process, which is clearly visible in its modern architecture. That is the reason CIF Netherlands thought this city is most appropriate to hold the symposium. Moreover, Rotterdam is the port from which the first CIP/CIF participants left for the USA to participate in Dr. Henri Ollendorff’s international exchange program. As a matter of fact, they left from the same quay where now the hotel is situated where the symposium will be held, the Nhow Hotel at the Wilhelmina kade 137, Rotterdam (see picture above).

The devastation of Europe during the Second World War, was one of the reasons for Henry to develop CIP/CIF. He wanted to build bridges between the nations and its people. He spoke of hope: “hope for freedom, hope for peace, hope for security, but freedom is the greatest of them”. He did this to give us the opportunity to experience a new world, a different culture, a new approach to social work and a more democratic way to help those who needed us. We all profited from his endeavours.

The theme of the symposium will be the effect of wars and the upheaval it causes to many lives and what the rebuilding after the war is about. During the symposium we offer you a program in which we will address the devastation of Rotterdam, the suffering and perseverance of the people and the rebuilding of the city. We will relate this to the effects of the wars all over the world right now and the massmigration movements. We also will address its effects and changes on the social cohesion, social work, and its political effects in our societies.

Of course there will also be a lot of time for you to meet and enjoy yourself. We will show you the beautiful city of Rotterdam, much of which you will also be able to see from your hotel window.

You may register for the Symposium from now on until the first of March 2020. The registration form you can find here. The registration form is also sent to all presidents of the CIF Branches and CIF contact persons, who all will be asked to forward it to all their members. You can also find the registration form on the websites of CIF International and CIPUSA.

The cost of the Symposium from Friday 14.00 h. till Sunday after lunch are € 399,00 for a double room and € 499,00 for a single room. Besides the hotel room, This also includes all meals, tempting coffee breaks, the symposium and a tour.

We hope to welcome you all on July 3 2020!!
On behalf of CIF Netherlands,
Mieke Weeda,